Community Benchmarks Scorecard


The Community Benchmarks Scorecard is a performance measurement tool designed to track both system-wide and individual project performance in relation to the HUD System Performance Measures. The NHC Board sets targets for each of the measures listed on the scorecard after a community feedback process is conducted via the NHC Providers and Stakeholders Association. The NHC Board is also responsible for coordinating efforts throughout the collaborative to meet and improve performance on each of the listed measures.

Currently approved targets for the Community Benchmarks Scorecard are as follows:

Initial Adoption of the Community Benchmarks Scorecard and Community Evaluation Process:

Following a series of three public meetings and a discussion of comments submitted during the public comment period at the most recent meeting held on May 10, the Northlake Homeless Coalition voted to adopt the 2017 Community Benchmarks Scorecard. The outcome of the confidential vote was 11 votes to approve and one abstention, with all conflicts of interest disclosed and handled in accordance with the conflict of interest disclosure process outlined and disseminated via the mailing list and the NHC website.

On August 2, 2017, NHC General Membership voted to adopt the CoC Community Evaluation Policy. The CoC Evaluation Policy describes how the Community Benchmarks Scorecard will be used to facilitate an open and inclusive, community-driven ranking and evaluation process for current and future CoC Applictions for funding. The NHC General Membership held the innaugural Community Evaluation Process on Wednesday, August 23rd, 11:30 am – 2:30 pm at the Northshare Coatney Center Conference Room, 807 North Columbia Street, Covington, LA. The meeting was open to the public, advertised via our website and mailing list, and advertised in the public notice section of the newspaper.