The Northlake Homeless Coalition in the process of completing a community-informed strategic plan for ending homelessness within the five Northshore parishes.

Entitled “Opening Doors Across Southeast Louisiana”, the Plan identifies the four Federal goals that have been set forth for communities across the United States –
1) Finish the job of ending chronic homelessness in 5 years
2) Prevent and end homelessness among veterans in five years
3) Prevent and end homelessness for families, youth, and children in 10 years
4) Set a path to ending all types of homelessness

The Northlake Homeless Coalition is publishing the draft Plan for comment through SEPTEMBER 14, 2012.  Please use the comment area below, and be specific in your responses.  It would be helpful for you to reference page numbers, outline identifiers, direct quotes, etc  when commenting.  Your comments will not be publicly displayed on the NHC website.

DOWNLOAD: Northlake  Homeless Coalition Community Strategic Plan to End Homelessness