The NHC Project Review Committee scored each project, based upon the criteria this group approved during the meetings held January 9th and 10th.  The ranking of projects aligned with the scoring of projects, with the highest score in first position, second highest score in second, etc.  The Planning Project was not scored, as it was determined that we would rank it in last position in the CoC Application.  The ranking of projects followed these guidelines, with one exception.  Two of the projects received the same score, NAMI St. Tammany Supportive Housing – Permanent Housing (HBApts)  and Volunteers of America of Greater New Orleans Project ROK (6070).  Because HUD has set a priority for PSH projects over SSO projects, Hummingbird Apartments is ranked 5th, while Project ROK is ranked 6th. The ranking of projects for the HUD CoC Consolidated Application, along with the request for funding is available for download.

2013 Project Evaluation Composites