About Northlake HMIS

The Northlake HMIS Data Project (NHMIS), a federally funded affiliate of Southeastern Louisiana Univerity's College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, is responsible for administering the HMIS within the geographic jurisdiction of the Continuum of Care lead by the Northlake Homeless Coalition, within the parishes of Livingston, St. Helena, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, and Washington.  The NHMIS is a partner of the statewide implementation of HMIS, Louisiana Services Network Data Consortium (LSNDC), which encompasses all CoC jurisdictions throughout Louisiana and manages approximately 14,000 new client records annually.

The NHMIS provides the local community with a tool to collect and analyze data on people using homeless service programs. At full implementation, we can use the HMIS to accurately calculate the size and needs of the homeless population, the demand for and use of housing and services, as well as the outcomes of various interventions.  It should be noted that the applications of HMIS participation are not limited to organizations who serve persons experiencing homelessness only; it has utilities for client data management for most human services providers, as homelessness is a social issue that is not exclusionary.  It is the mission of the NHMIS to guide standardized data collection to ensure accuracy and integrity; maintain data security; minimize barriers to participation; and demonstrate utilization of complex data for performance measurement for all participating organizations.

Northlake HMIS Data Project

Southeastern Louisiana University

Mims Hall, Room 213

SLU Box 10509
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Tel: 985.549.5373
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Northlake HMIS Staff

Erin Matheny, Director
[email protected]

Demitrius Jones, Agency Liaison
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