Community Strategic Plan to End Homelessness

The Community Strategic Plan to End Homelessness is the outcome of the ongoing work of the membership organizations of the Northlake Homeless Coalition (NHC). This plan’s development followed the guidelines for community strategic plan development published by the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH). The plan aims to connect Federal goals to local actions to prevent, reduce, and eventually end homelessness in Southeast Louisiana. The goals and objectives outlined in the Strategic Plan portion of this document are intended to guide the activities of homeless providers, including the NHC, toward meeting the goals outlined in the Opening Doors plan and the HEARTH Act.

This strategic plan is not designed to be a static document, but a working plan. As requirements, guidelines, and directions change in the future, this plan should be updated accordingly to reflect changing priorities.  We welcome you to review the Plan, and join the NHC in its efforts to implement and meet the goals we have set forth.

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